installing wordpress, so get the simulation.

you don’t have a personal web yet? or you would like to have a web but do not know how to create it ? wordpress can be your answer for solving this problem


first step to install your wordpress is you have actually installed XAMPP or LAMPP on your PC. XAMPP or LAMPP is an application that make your PC as an offline server. it is helping you to simulate as like as you are online and connected with the internet, skip this step if you already installed it, or another server application.

next, download  the in Dont worry, it is free, and size is actually just in a little space, it is about 2 – 3 mb only. the newest of (till i have already write to this point) is wordpress 3.0.0

then, extract your to directory C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress. if you don’t have a wordpress folder in that, create it first, so extract your wordpress there.

after all. open your web browser, and type on URL bar “http://localhost/wordpress”, you will see the wordpress installation page on your browser. follow the steps as like as you are installing the programs in windows (next and next). and if you are already finished all steps, type in your URL bar “http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin”, the browser will display you the log in form. fill in the form with your account name and password, then begin your wordpress.

have a little fun with your wordpress !